Are Speckled Sussex Noisy? Can They Live In The Suburbs?

Speckled Sussex chickens are probably what all other chickens aspire to look like. These curious fowls are super friendly and mellow tempered, making them the perfect breed if you own a small backyard. But, are Speckled Sussex noisy, and are they quiet enough to keep in the suburbs?

Are Speckled Sussex Noisy?

Speckled Sussex chickens are no louder than other breeds, but they are overly talkative. Most chickens will make noises when they lay an egg, think a predator is nearby, want attention, or want a flock-mate to get out of the way.  

Suppose you’re planning to own a Speckled Sussex, congratulations! 

Many people are flocking to keep chickens as pets. However, not every breed will be perfect, especially if you live in the suburbs. We’ll look at how loud this breed is and what you can do to keep them quiet.  

What Does A Speckled Sussex Chicken Sound Like?

This breed is considered a moderate-high noise level. Here’s a video showing you how the birds sound and how talkative they are.

They are not the quietest chickens. The only time you will hear them is when they do an alarm call to alert the rest of the flock or sing the egg song. They are content to murmur and talk, and the constant chatter may annoy your neighbors.

The Speckled Sussex chickens are a friendly breed with a low temperament. If they make a lot of noise, there may be something wrong with them, such as a sick chicken, predator, or just looking for attention.  

Ensure you’re following the laws and regulations on owning backyard chickens. This website will show you how to find out if you can keep chickens in your backyard.

Why Do Speckled Sussex Chicken Make Noises?

Unlike humans, chickens can’t talk and tell you what they are feeling. The constant chicken chatter is how a chicken reacts to their environment, interacts with other chickens, etc. 

Just like humans, every chicken is different. Some will make a loud screech when they want to be pet, wants to be let out of the coop, or wants attention. This breed is extremely friendly and will follow their owner around.

The hens will be quieter than the roosters, but all chickens will make some noises. 

When Does The Speckled Sussex Rooster Crow?

Some roosters will begin crowing when they reach 4-5 weeks of age. However, most will start to crow daily at about 8-10 weeks of age. 

Some birds don’t crow until they are over five months of age. Like humans, it depends on their personality and temperament. Every bird is unique and will behave differently than others. 

The chicks are 

Why Doesn’t My Speckled Sussex Rooster Make Noises?

If your Sussex rooster isn’t making noises, it could be because they have a “whisper crow,” you know, one that doesn’t sound very loud. They may not be mature adults. 

Some roosters crow less than others, but all roosters will still crow. If you only have one rooster, they won’t crow as much as if there were two or more in the same coop.

What Can You Do To Keep Speckled Sussex Chickens Quiet?

Many new chicken owners become confused and worried when their chickens become too noisy. They only notice how loud their chickens are when they notice the loud bellows in the early morning hours or when their neighbors start complaining. 

It’s perfectly normal for chickens to make some noise, but there are some tricks you can do if your flock becomes too loud. 

  • Ensure your flock has all the necessities of clean freshwater, chicken feed, and a safe shelter to protect them from predators and foul weather.
  • Protection from the scorching sun. If the weather becomes too hot, they can find shelter from the hot summer days, reducing heatstroke risk. It will also give them a place to hide when they see a predator. 
  • Give your chickens a safe place for dust baths. Ensure your chickens have a designated area of sand, dry dirt, or wood ash where they can take dirt baths. When it rains, they’ll likely forage that area in search of worms to eat.
  • Food and toys. Like other domesticated animals, chickens crave the excitement of toys and snacks they rarely get. If your chickens are bored and making a lot of noise, consider feeding them some kale, beets, yogurt, or hanging a cabbage head on a string to keep them entertained while eating. 

You might have to implement one or two of these strategies until you get your chickens to quiet down. If this still doesn’t work, then it may be time to talk to your neighbors. 

It may also be time to find a quieter breed, especially if you live in the city. There are plenty of other quieter chicken breeds that won’t disturb your neighbors. 

Rehoming Roosters

If your roosters have become too loud and your neighbors are starting to complain, it may be time to consider rehoming your roosters. Many people will get chickens as pets because they want the eggs they produce.

What they don’t realize is that hens will still lay eggs without a rooster. If the roosters are louder than you expected, consider rehoming them. With a little bit of leg work, you can find a good home for them where they will be able to act like a rooster and not worry about the noise level.


If I had to give a one-word answer to the question, “Are Speckled Sussex noisier than other breeds?” I’d say no; they aren’t especially loud birds. They’re relatively chatty and friendly, so they might get a little noisy while you’re around, but that’s only because they’re excited to see you. 

In general, Speckled Sussex chickens are reasonably calm and docile. They won’t make much noise if they’re not threatened, hungry, or bored. Plus, they get along with other barn animals quite well, making them a welcome addition to the coop!

As long as the chicken laws and regulations allow them as pets, they will make a great addition to your backyard. If you’re thinking about getting this breed, ensure you do your due diligence.

The Speckled Sussex chickens make a great pet, but they are not the quietest.