Can You Have A Chicken In An Apartment?

Since more and more people have started to work from home permanently, the days may get longer and lonelier without a companion. You might have been thinking about getting a pet, but your apartment may be too small for a cat or dog. What about a feathery chicken as an apartment pet?

Although it is possible to keep a chicken in an apartment, you must ask your landlord if it’s allowed. You must choose the correct chicken breed, create a coop, ensure the environment remains safe, and clean it regularly. Chickens must go outside daily to walk, peck, and thrive as animals.

The days when chickens were farm animals and only used for their eggs are long gone. Today, they are affectionate animals and will bond closely with their owners. Are you planning on keeping your chicken in your apartment? 

Continue reading with us as we go through everything you need to know!

Can You Keep A Chicken In Your Apartment?

Before you assemble or purchase a coop and focus on all the cute chickens available, you’ll need to do some research first. You will need to determine whether your landlord allows chickens, or birds in general, in your apartment’s lease. 

If you are not allowed pets, it clearly indicates that this includes chickens. 

However, if your apartment is pet friendly, carefully go through your lease to see if it specifies what kind of pets and size. 

If you remain unsure, it might be best to contact your property manager or landlord directly and ask. If your lease is unclear, you might be able to make the argument to allow them. 

Additionally, keep in mind that if you’re renting a unit that is part of a homeowner’s association, you need to make sure that it’s allowed by that entity.

Factors To Consider When Keeping A Chicken In An Apartment

When raising and keeping a chicken in an apartment, there are many things to consider, as chickens remain outdoor animals and will be a responsibility indoors. So let’s take a closer look:

Choose The Right Breed Of Chicken

When choosing the ideal breed of indoor chicken, you need to consider temperament and size, as some chickens are noisier, more active, and larger than others. 

Moreover, it would help to know that some chicken breeds would be more convenient to raise and keep than others. 

For example, a Silkie chicken would make a great apartment chicken with a quirky, friendly temperament and love and affection. 

They are generally easy-going and quiet, with lovely fluffy feathers, creating a silky plumage! 

The Sultan chicken is another breed you can consider keeping indoors. 

They are ornamental birds with long tails and fluffy chests. They are non-aggressive and elegant, making them a breeze to handle!

You Need To Create A Coop, Nestbox, And Run For Your Chicken

Each chicken will require enough space to roam; if you only keep one, you must ensure you can provide them with four to five square feet of roaming space or more. Only get as many chickens as your amount of space can comfortably accommodate. 

If chickens become too overcrowded, they will cannibalize. Because chickens are flock animals, most hatcheries will sell them in groups of at least three so that if one dies, the two will have each other and not be lonely. 

Moreover, your chickens will need a coop. Of course, you can build the coop yourself if you want to save money, but you could also modify a dog house and add a run at the end. 

The coop should be between 12 and 18 inches above the floor, so your chickens can jump into it without getting injured when they need to jump down to leave their coop. 

They should always have free access to their run, coop, and nestbox.

Clean Your Chicken Coop, Nestbox And Run Weekly

Chickens can be smelly animals if you don’t clean their living area as often as every week. 

Your chickens will adapt and learn to expect these cleaning times and help to make things easier by moving into the coop when you need to clean the run and moving onto the run when you clean the coop.

Remove all old feces and litter, and wash everything with non-toxic soap and hot water, including the floor. 

Always let it dry thoroughly before adding fresh litter. Washing their feeders and water buckets with white vinegar is encouraged, as it is non-toxic and will eliminate smells.

Chickens Need To Go Outside As Often As Possible

If you think keeping a chicken in your apartment is the right choice for you, you must ensure it’s the right choice for them. 

Chickens should have access to the outdoors as much as possible because they are outdoor animals and will not thrive if constantly kept indoors. 

Chickens need to give themselves a dust bath, which helps to kill off any parasites on their body and keep them clean. It is also crucial for them to scratch the ground for worms and bugs. 

Make sure you create time in your daily schedule to take them for walks outside or several times a day if possible. Chickens need grass and sunshine to stay healthy. 

You can also take them on a walk like a dog, but they will need a suitable chicken harness and run in areas free of traffic.

Create A Safe Environment For Your Chicken

Chickens are curious animals; they will eat anything and everything they can get, their beaks and paws on, including cleaning supplies, poisons, and anything else. 

After cleaning your chicken’s coop and area, ensure you safely store the cleaning supplies in a cupboard away from their area.

Also, never keep potted houseplants within your chicken’s reach unless you want your chicken to nibble on them, especially if the plant may be poisonous.

Final Word

Chickens have the potential to make great apartment pets if you accept the responsibility and consider their needs. Make sure your chicken’s food and water remain safe and clean, and take them on walks; they will thank you for it!

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